Our Mission

Is to provide, together, with the family, a quality, school age child care program, in a safe and fun environment, where the children can play and learn life skills in an atmosphere of trust and support.


Our Program Philosophy

At Garneau After School Centre, we have a child centered approach to child care. We believe in learning through play and allowing children to choose the activities they wish to engage in. We aim to create a safe and cheerful environment in which our children play and learn, during the hours that they are not in school, and their parents are at work or in training. Our program encourages children to respect themselves, others and their room environment, to be responsible for their actions and to cooperate as a part of a whole group. Our program is designed to meet the emotional, physical, intellectual, social and creative needs of each and every child.


Our program is set up to include a necessary balance of acgtive and restful times for each child, depending on their needs and interests. Daily plans include a variety of activities such as indoor and outdoor play, art, cooking, games and interest centres.


The free play environment changes constantly and play centres are developed based on the interests of the children. We help childrenincorporate many skills and concepts into their play, for example: science, music, art, etc. Our program is designed to be flexible and to encourage spontaneous activities.


Our centre is uniquely designed to allow for an interested array of large motor activities. We have ample space, a loft, a 

pit, a well stocked block corner, gym mats and a wide variety of sports equipment. We also have a large variety of fine motor supplies such as, building toys, lego, connecting blocks, puzzles, art supplie, etc.


Our program is also enriched with an endless variety of special events, celebrations, themes, including parties, shows, contests, sporting events, to name a few.


Our holiday program is similar to our regular program; however, it is implemented by several full time staff, and includes frequent field trips. The children enjoy swimming, skating, tobogganning, biking, picnics, cultural events, amusement parks, etc.


We attempt to meet the nutritional needs of the children by providing interesting and nutritious snacks, which are planned according to the Canada Food Guide.


We strive to provide very high quality care to meet the needs of the children and parents we serve.


6:45 AM - 5:45 PM MON to FRI



Stat Holidays

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