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Our Program Philosophy

At Garneau After School Centre, we have a child centered approach to child care. We believe in learning through play and allowing children to choose the activities they wish to engage in. We aim to create a safe and cheerful environment in which our children play and learn, during the hours that they are not in school, and their parents are at work or in training. Our program encourages children to respect themselves, others and their room environment, to be responsible for their actions and to cooperate as a part of a community. Our program is designed to meet the emotional, physical, intellectual, social and creative needs of each and every child.

How do we plan?

Our weekly programming for each room is based on the children's interests in those rooms. 

We are fortunate to use the FLIGHT curriculum and we use it along with a emergent framework to provide the best experiences we can for the children. 

Full Day Programming 

We work closely with Garneau School and on their PD days, Spring/Fall break and teachers convention we provide full day care for the children enrolled in our program. 

These full days allow us to plan field trips, visits from experts, and even larger scale celebrations; such as our annual spring fling dance. 


We run full day summer programming!!!! During July and August GASC is open and running full speed. Our part time staff (who are traditionally University students) switch to full time hours and plan our whole summer. Having children in our care for longer periods of time allows us to start and complete larger scale projects and go on multiple field trips throughout the weeks. 

Summer is a good time for those children going into grade one to join the program and get to know the staff and peers. This helps build relationships which assist in the September transition into grade one. We highly recommend starting your children during the summer if you are needing care throughout the school year. 

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